About Adam

Hi, I’m Adam Meyers.

I have a passion for finance and taking care of people, having had successful careers as a College Unit Director with Northwestern Mutual and Private Banker with JP Morgan Chase Private Client. Much of my focus is on individuals and families using the Financial Concierge Model. I am the Go-To person in a clients’ financial life.

A lifelong Californian, I live in Ventura with my wife Heather, daughters Alanna, Karra and Devin.

Even with a busy family and career, I have also found time to give back to the community. I am a Board Member of Ventura Charter School and have volunteered my time to foster children in Ventura County as a Court Appointed Special Advocate.

I hold a Bachelor Degree in Business Management and Series 6, 63, 66 and 7.

What is Alkade?

“Alkade” is a constant reminder of why we maintain the highest standards; to provide the families we help with unbiased, ultimate care. Family is the most important thing to us and why I incorporated the names of my daughters in the name of the company.

About Alkade Investment Company, LLC


We are part of GOTO Financial, a registered investment advisor firm designed to objectively provide advice without conflict of interest. Our mission is to be transparent with our clients and provide advice that is truly in their best interest. We operate with the highest of fiduciary standards and consider a long-term relationship built on trust and transparency to be our ultimate goal.




In order to ensure financial security for years to come, you and your family deserve professional attention. We specialize in helping navigate through life’s ups and downs so there is never a worry about your family’s financial future.


Between juggling day-to-day operations of your business and mapping out the future of your company, there is little time left to address challenging financial questions. Together we will develop an integrated financial plan to reduce your taxes, plan for retirement, and much more.


Whether retiring in 10 years or 10 years in retirement, we ensure that all retirement savings, investment management, insurance coverage, tax minimization, income strategies and family planning seamlessly work together toward your financial goals.

Member of GoTo Financial

GoTo Financial

GOTO Financial is a platform for Financial Advisors to work in an honest and transparent company.



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